Gerry has been teaching for over 35 years even when doing other work. He is known for engaging students; they rate him highly and often hope he will teach their future classes.

In the classroom Gerry ensures a balance so that everyone's needs are met: the students, their organizations and the training company. It's a win-win-win! The students need clear concepts, real-world examples, a chance to practice and honest answers to their questions. Companies need to know that all their employees are getting consistent training. The training company needs satisfied customers, reliable performance and timely administration.

Students appreciate Gerry's depth of knowledge. He has over 35 years experience as an employee, consultant and educator with organizations in Canada, the United States and Europe. He reads widely and has eclectic interests: management, life in organizations, computer science, information technology, history, economics and much, much more.

Whether you need a custom course or someone to teach a standard course, consider Gerry. Info...

Business Analysis Training

Since 2000 Gerry has trained countless students in Business Analysis for Global Knowledge, ESI International and McMaster University. Courses taught include the following:

Business Analysis Fundamentals
Introduces students to the broad sweep of business analysis covering all the key knowledge areas of the IIBA's Guide to the Body of Knowledge for Business Analysis.
Requirements Development
Develops student skills in the areas of requirements planning, elicitation and technical writing.
Students practice planning and leading meetings to effectively elicit requirements, overcome conflicts and develop consensus in the business organization.
Use Case Modelling
Teaches students the process of developing effective use cases.
Business Process Analysis
Students learn to create process models and how to analyze them. Attention is also given to strategies for process improvement.
Data Modelling
Students develop the skills needed to systematically elicit and model the information needs of a business: what objects are important to the business, what does it need to know about them, and how are they related.
Teaches students to systematically plan their testing so that the most defects are found with the minimum effort. Students learn to select appropriate techniques for each situation and risk level.

Other training

Other training Gerry has delivered includes:

An Egyptian Proverb

It is no surprise that Gerry teaches well. An Egyptian proverb states, "The son of a duck knows how to swim." Gerry is the fifth generation of teachers in his family. All of his brothers and sisters teach as part of their jobs. And all of his children are teachers or include teaching as part of their work. Gerry has teaching in his genes.