Gerry has been consulting for organizations, internally and externally, for over 30 years. His assignments are known for being fact-based, consensus-building and tailored to each organization's culture. Gerry does not come with a pre-canned solution which will be applied to your unique situation.

Some of his assignments have included:

Whether you need an outside perspective on your situation, or whether you need help to serve your clients, consider asking Gerry to work with your team.


Every assignment begins by understanding the situation. Gerry will begin by finding facts, performing "data archaeology" as necessary, understanding the stakeholder perspectives and analyzing the data until the situation is well understood and the options for action are clear.


Having a good solution is not enough. Change will fail unless the organization is working together to make it happen. Gerry believes that analysis must lead to consensus. He is skilled at listening, discussing, teaching and managing conflicts to reach the goal: consensus.


Often Gerry's clients are able to implement change without his help. But if his involvement is beneficial, he can assist in the implementation of changes.


Each engagement is unique. Some are great efforts in fact finding and analysis followed by almost immediate consensus and action. Others are mostly about consensus building.

Gerry prefers to work on-site for short bursts of time, up to one week at a time. He no longer does "bum in seat" consulting. He is always accessible by phone, email and remote meeting technology. Over many short assignments Gerry has built loyal, long-term relationships with his clients.

Let us work together to find the best and most cost-effective solution for you.