Gerry has created courses for over 30 years. His courses, fast-paced and fluff-free, are appreciated by both students and other instructors. Some courses include:

Create a New Course

When you have a large number of students to train, or when you want to add a course to your training offering, it can be effective to create a new course specifically tailored to your exact needs.

Gerry works with you to determine what you need, to develop a course outline and a plan, to create the course and to deliver the first classes. You will be involved at each step so the course reflects your feedback and fits your organization's needs and schedule.

Update a Course

Courses lose their currency over time. Gerry can refresh your courses to meet changing needs and evolving best practices. Updating a course is often more cost-effective than creating a whole new course.

Customize a Course

The best way to reduce course development costs is to customize an existing course. Gerry is experienced at tailoring courses to add extra material, or reduce the class duration, to meet specific needs.

If your clients or staff need a refresher, a short, customized version of their original training may be just what you need. Consider adding material for areas in which difficulties have arisen.

Review Course Materials

If you are creating your own course materials, you can improve its value by having it professionally reviewed. Gerry is available to help your course creators do their best work.

Course Development Process

Gerry will work with you to develop a course following these steps:

Define your need
Together we will determine the objectives of the course, how many students, when the class needs to be offered, the course outline, the number and type of workshops or exercises, the materials to be handed out to the students, technology to be used and other scope issues.
Plan the work
We will agree on a schedule, the availability of organizational contacts, review activities, budget and other planning issues.
Create the course materials
As Gerry creates the course, you will have frequent opportunities to review the evolving materials. Within the agreed scope, the your input is an important part of the development process.
Final Review
Before the course is taught, we will have a final review and you will approve the materials.
First Deliveries
A course needs to be taught in front of real students. After each of the first few deliveries, adjustments will be made to improve the pacing, eliminate any spots which confuse students and remove contributions made by the mischievous gremlins in the night.