Business Analysis

Business analysis is a branch of management consulting. The business analyst works to understand an orgaization: its mandate, goals, structure, processes, policies, rules and information systems. When the organization is well understood, the analyst can lead the group to consensus about how to move forward: solving business problems and moving towards a better future.

Business analysts help senior managers make wise decisions. When business analysis is well done, there are many benefits:

Gerry has been doing business analysis for over 20 years. Over the last decade he has taught countless business analysts in Canada and the United States. He has been exposed to good and bad practices in many organizations: for profit, non-profit and government. He is available to help your business analysts implement best practices and do good work.

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Gerry loves modelling. Whether you need a process model (BPMN, UML Activity diagram, use cases, flowchart) or a data model (Class diagram, Entity-relationship diagram) or a model which combines both (State diagrams, data flow diagrams), Gerry has the experience to efficiently provide a visual map for your project. He has used over 30 different model types for different projects. Gerry can help select the models which are most helpful for your project and ensure that the models created help provide real insight.