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You should use iterative development only on projects that you want to succeed.
Martin Fowler


About Gerry de Koning

Gerry has been programming computers, managing programmers and consulting with software organizations for over 30 years.

His employers and clients have included the Toronto Transit Commission, Nortel, Groupe Bull, IBM, CDI, and numerous small companies.

Gerry has been programming since 1969. His technical skills are current. He programs in many languages including Java, Perl, C, C++ and others. He administers systems running Windows, UNIX and MacOS. Much of his early experience was with real-time process-control systems. Today he works with webservers, databases and other advanced tools.

Gerry led and contributed to process groups in Toronto and France for 9 years. He energized groups to collect data, planned the introduction of new practices and tools, evaluated practices and educated organization from top to bottom. He participated in or led 9 assessments based on SEI's CMM. He has created simple, light-weight, interactive on-line process documentation for groups using CMM, TickIT and ISO9000.

Gerry is a firm believer in using data, especially software metrics, to gain insight into development processes: what is working and what is not. He also believes no software should be written without code inspection, design reviews and project reviews (post-mortems).

Since the 1980s, Gerry has used the Internet. He is especially interested in network security and the evolution of standards to enable all computers to interact, regardless of operating system or application software.

Gerry has been building websites since 1995. Some were interactive websites for internal project communications. Gerry says, "I build websites for users. They must find the sites valuable and easy to use. Websites should adhere to standards, be accessible and be easy to maintain."

Throughout his career Gerry has excelled in teaching. Whether teaching about software metrics, data analysis, process models, Java, XML, UML, or other topics, he consistently receives high praise from students. Gerry currently teaches advanced technology topics for CDI Corporate Educational Services, where he serves as Java course prime.

Facilitating design reviews and project post-mortems is especially enjoyable to Gerry. He says, "I love helping a team analyse their design or review their project. So much is learned that the team is excited to begin the next project phase."

One thread ties all his interests together: solving problems using his knowledge of organizations, advanced technology, computer science, human behaviour, and business reality. Gerry is eager to explore new solutions which better meet the specific needs of his clients.

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