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You should use iterative development only on projects that you want to succeed.
Martin Fowler



Creating Policies for Governing Software Development

In October, 2000, Gerry spoke at the QAI Canadian Software Quality Conference. His presentation presented an approach to adapting the theory of governance developed by John Carver for non-profit groups. This approach gives senior managers more control over software development, while paradoxically, giving develops more freedom from micromanagement.

Process that Works: liberating software projects

In November, 1999 Gerry spoke at the Toronto Software Process Improvement Network. After reviewing traditional methods for documenting software processes and why they don't work, he presented a light-weight alternative that is accepted by developers and adds considerable discipline to the software organization. In addition to the slides, he also distributed a handout describing 22 rules for specifying processes.

A Discussion Starter for Church Webmasters

Gerry has prepared a discussion starter for church webmasters. Although specifically for churches, it contains information that may be of interest to many others. Last revised in 1997, it is still generally useful because it deals with meta-issues of usage, policy, and linkage with the rest of the organization, rather than nitty-gritty technical issues.

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